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Yamamoto Fine Blanking was established on July 18th, 1995 as a joint venture between Yamamoto Seisakusho and Marubeni-Itochu Steel America. YFB officially opened the following March.

fine blanking companiesSince then, we have grown from a small manufacturing facility consisting of 3 presses, 2 tumblers, a small warehouse, and support facility to now being over 76,000 square feet, with 18 presses, 10 tumblers, 5 deburr machines, and 12 v-hole machines.  Our warehouse space is now large enough to support all of our customer’s needs and demands that come along with being in the automotive industry.

YFB knows the intricacies of fine blanking.  The sheared edges of our products are smooth, free from score marks and scratches, and ready to perform mechanical functions without further machining.  Superb die functions and tooling capabilities, coupled with proven fine blanking machines, allow YFB to produce the finest fine blanked products available on the market.

YFB implements quality control at every stage in our process:  when we receive the raw material, during the fine blanking and deburring processes, and during packing, warehousing, and shipping. Everything at YFB is highly automated and rigorously controlled, ensuring the best possible results.  At YFB, quality is our commitment.

YFB maintains and repairs our die tooling and presses in-house, so consequently, downtime is kept to a minimum.  The savings we pass on to our customers are a direct result of our efficient operation.

YFB’s customers include major auto part manufacturers.  Although we produce parts for the automobile industry, we are not limited just to automobiles.  If you are looking for a high-quality part that will exceed your expectations, then YFB is the right supplier for you.

YFB is IATF16949:2016 certified.  This is the quality certification requirement that YFB must meet annually to do business in the automotive industry.  This certification is an ISO technical specification that aims to develop a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and reduces variation and waste in the supply chain.

 YFB has also received quality and shipping awards from our customers.  These awards range from 100% on-time delivery, 100% quality, all the way up to the President’s award.  The President’s award is given to only one vendor a year, and YFB has received this award three times in our 16 years of business.  All in all, YFB has received over 15 such awards from our customers that hand these out each year.

When you choose YFB, you not only get the benefits of our vast knowledge and resources but those of our parent companies as well.