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Yamamoto Fine Blanking Engineering, Inc., located in Louisville Kentucky, is a tier-two / tier-three manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Our primary business is with pressure plates, which is used for automobile brake systems. We have also been expanding our manufacturing know how into gears, clutches, flanges, window and seat components. Our components are installed on new vehicles made in North America, Europe, and South America. We only deal with OEM and/or OES components, so quality is a driving force in our daily operation.

Yamamoto FB Engineering is proud to supply parts to the majority of the top ten vehicles sold in North America. This includes all pressure plates for the top four vehicles alone. For us to have accomplished this in 16 years is no small feat. We as a company are dedicated to our customers (partners), and work with them to exceed their goals and needs.  The dedication also is visible during the prototype stages of projects from our customers.  We work hand in hand with our customers, to find the best design, with the best cost structire.  This saves time and money for all parties involved

Yamamoto FB Engineering’s strength is our willingness to exceed at any task or project that we are awarded. This is the same philosophy that our parent companies have instilled in us. We are also very closely located to major automotive manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and the rest of the eastern half of the United States. Our on time shipping standard allows parts to be at our U.S. customers within 24 hours of them leaving our dock doors in Louisville.  We have expanded our technological resources by installing a Makino 3D machining center.  This allows us to achieve the bend and flatness requirements from our customers.

Yamamoto FB Engineering is never content with maintaining the status quo. We want to continue to develop and expand our manufacturing capabilities. Our goal is to be the best and largest fine blanking manufacturer in the world.